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SW New 2kw Wind Turbine
Main Parameter
> Rotor diameter: 3.5m
> Blades quantity: 3 pcs
> Direction: always downwind
> Blades material: Glass fiber reinforced plastic
> Rated output: 2000W
> Maximum output: 2950W
> working voltage: DC28/240V,AC220V
> working wind speed: 4-30m/s
> Initial wind speed: 3m/s
> Nominal wind speed: 10m/s(22.5mph)
> Storm-stand: up to 50m/s
> Rated rotate speed:400r/min
> Wind turbine type: Three-phase, Permanent Magnet
                              (on constant magnets)
> Working temperature: from -40 to +60 C
> Stop method: Brake by Hand Drag
> Battery voltage(V)/capacity(AH):12*4-48/200
> Speed regulation method: tail turning and electric magnet
> Accumulators full charge time: about 8 hours
> Mast height/weight: 6m - optional /160kg
> Weight: 220kgs (without mast)
Power sine wave
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